About Youth Haven

Frequently Asked Questions 


What is Youth Haven?

  • Southwest Florida's only 24-hour residential Shelter for children removed from their homes due to an allegation of abuse, neglect and/or abandonment.
  • Sole provider of numerous Family Support Programs offering in-home and community-based parenting education, child and substance abuse prevention, and crisis intervention services for at-risk families.
  • Individual and group behavioral and mental health counseling for children & families in the community through an on-site Children & Family Counseling Center.

How long has Youth Haven been here?

  • Youth Haven has been in continuous operation since opening its doors to children in 1972.

Is there only “one” Youth Haven or are their other locations around the state / country?

  • Youth Haven is a private non-profit organization based exclusively in Collier County, Naples, Florida. 

Where does Youth Haven receive its funding?

  • Youth Haven relies heavily on the community to support its unduplicated programs as we receive no funding from Collier County.  More than 50% of our annual income is the result of the continued generosity of our philanthropic family of donors.  The remainder of our support is Government funding through contracts and grants.  Youth Haven operates with an annual budget of approximately $2.6 million. 

How do the children get placed in Brownie’s Shelter?

  • The children are placed in our temporary care by the State of Florida through the Children’s Network of Southwest Florida after they have been removed from their homes or caregiver’s custody due to allegations of physical trauma, sexual abuse, neglect and/or abandonment.

How many children reside at Youth Haven at any one time?

  • Twenty three Emergency Shelter beds are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for transitioning children.  In any given year, more than 60 children call Youth Haven their home.

What are the ages of the children?

  • The Shelter provides a safe home for boys and girls age 6-17.  

How long does a child typically stay?

  • Children are placed at Youth Haven on a temporary basis.  Some stay less than 24 hours and others for upwards to a year and a half or longer.  On average, most children reside with us for 50-60 days. 

Where do the children go when they leave?

  • The majority of the children leaving Youth Haven are placed with a foster family or with a safe relative.  Reunification with their parent(s), while a possibility, is rare.

What types of activities are available to the children while at Youth Haven?

  • While at Youth Haven, the children receive the utmost comprehensive care including medical, dental, psychological, and educational support in a lively and enriching home-like environment
  • The children attend public school, most often the school in which they were currently attending before coming to Youth Haven, and participate in a wide variety of both on and off campus recreational, cultural and social activities including traditional weekend outings to parks, theatres, beaches, sporting events, as well as summer vacations with their new friends
  • Youth Haven’s campus was created with young children in mind and offers them many opportunities to play and be carefree while enjoying an array of outdoor activities including a myriad of sports, bicycling, gardening, and nature exploration
  • To aid the healing process and help the children better adjust in coping with the trauma they have endured, many ongoing self-enrichment groups and other individual counseling and therapeutic opportunities are also provided.

What type of support does Youth Haven offer to families in the community?

  • Youth Haven is the sole provider of a number of in-home and community based prevention and crisis intervention programs for families.  These supportive services utilize group interaction, individual education and role modeling to provide essential parenting education and child and substance abuse prevention strategies to those families most at-risk in the community, keeping children safe in their own homes and families together.   

Who can participate in the Family Support Programs?

  • Youth Haven’s Family Support Programs are open to all families in Collier County meeting eligibility criteria specific to the program which best suits the family’s specific needs.  

Is there a cost to the family to participate?

  • Youth Haven’s Family Support Programs are offered free or at minimal cost depending upon the program of interest. 

Are the programs offered in Spanish or Creole?

  • Yes.  All of Youth Haven’s community outreach programs are provided in English, Spanish and Creole. 

Where do the programs take place?

  • Much of Youth Haven’s work with families occurs in the family’s home.  Weekly visits by Youth Haven’s team of professional family support specialists are conveniently arranged to best accommodate each family’s unique scheduling needs.   Youth Haven’s child substance abuse prevention programs take place at ancillary sites throughout the community. 

What is the Children & Family Counseling Center at Youth Haven?

  • The Children & Family Counseling Center at Youth Haven is a community-based mental health treatment facility focused solely on the provision of quality psychological and psychiatric care for children and families.  The Center offers a full spectrum of individual, group and family counseling services to children, adolescents, teens, families, couples and adults to identify and treat a range of behavioral, emotional, and relational mental health issues. 

Where is the Center located?

  • The Children & Family Counseling Center is located on Youth Haven’s campus at 5867 Whitaker Road in East Naples.

Are the counseling services provided in Spanish?

  • Yes.  Youth Haven’s clinical team is comprised of caring and compassionate English & Spanish speaking clinicians and consulting Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist. 

Is the Center open in the evenings and on weekends?

  • Youth Haven’s Clinicians take both day and evening appointments.  Weekend appointments may be available. 

What is the cost for counseling?

  • Youth Haven's Children & Family Counseling Center accepts many insurance plans.  Private pay fee adjustments are available.

Mandatory Reporting

Florida law requires reporting of suspected child abuse or neglect to the Department of Children and Families (DCF).  Any person who knows of, or has reason to suspect such abuse, must report to the Child Abuse Hotline using a toll-free number: 1-800-96-ABUSE.  The law requires DCF to investigate and treat any child so reported.



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